Its generally expected
That a male opens door for female
A male offers seat to a female
A male pays bill for female
It can be taken as basic etiquettes
Or a way to impress females
Or in some cases respect
There can be debate on gender inequality too
I feel it has nothing to do with any of above
Its your personal ethics nothing else
I open door for elders too
I offer seat to elders
I would love to pay bill for anyone if I dine out
Females say they leave their home after marriage
Don’t do that ,we are not forcing you to marry
Female claims to carry baby in their womb
Its your personal and hormonal requirement
No one can force you to do so
I am not able to understand
Why and how long this
Gender battle go
I feel its waste of time
Both are homo sapiens
Regarding respect each and everyone
Deserves it and should be given

Ajay Kohli


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