Don’t wait

If you are in relationship
Don’t wait too long
It will fail
As with time both of you
Will reveal many characteristics
Which were hidden
You will be finding more drawbacks
Its natural more you meet
Less you value
Everything looses its importance
Over period of time
When you are new
You are madly in love
I guess one year is ideal time
To know each other
Then get into legal relationship
As then besides your drawbacks
You can’t escape
Then you will learn to manage
Else you will be kind of
Free person who is not bound
Its psychological
Everyone loves new things
So if you don’t want to loose
Make sure not to overcook
Else it will burn
Right time can do the thing

Ajay Kohli

13 thoughts on “Don’t wait

  1. Too many miss the point….too many go about it the wrong way and end up “managing,” which isn’t ever necessary.


    1. I couldn’t get what you want to say ,kindly explain .


  2. Beautifully written, can I ask u a question


    1. Thanks ,so much , you are always welcome to ask


      1. How long should we wait


      2. In a relationship I mean


      3. Not more than two years ,as if fruit is ripe enough it will fall itself so better pluck it on time


      4. 😊😊Okay if it turns out to be more than that? Suppose me and my boyfriend we got to make our carrier and we are quite young to tie knots within 2yrs what do we do?


      5. Don’t get into serious relationship ,it will hurt you ,being a female you are more vulnerable ,you will loose heavily ,be friend nothing more and at no cost get into physical relationship ,it will have negative impact on your career and life

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Thanks for the advice


  3. Isn’t true love endless? Framing it in time and values of importance changes and binds it. Hope the comment section is working fine again!


    1. Its not working still ,trying to manage ,there is nothing like true love ,its all time ,circumstances, availability ,lust ,need ,hormones


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