Why not

I have all the feelings
A normal human has
Rather few extra
As I think a lot
I am obsessive
And perfectionist
That too adds to my woes
But I have been accepted
As if I am
Who is not meant to do wrong
Who has no grey shades
My profession ,my social circle
It has placed me there
From where they expect
As if I am not human
They expect me to be
Available when anyone of them need
No matter if I am busy
Over that I am kind of
Who doesn’t say no
It has brought me to that juncture
That sometimes I feel
Now I should abandon
Everything and run away
To some place
Where I am unknown
My profession is unknown
I can live as normal guy
With grey shades too
With sins
I guess not possible
As somewhere I am involved
In what all is going
Its my destiny
Not to relish
But to live like this

Ajay Kohli

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