I never approached
Any girl ever in my life
Not because I am afraid
But I guess its my ego
It doesn’t permit me to ask
Anyone for anything
Still I have lots of relationships
I never pampered girls
I never abused too
I am cordial
At one time I had
Four girls together
I never hid anything
All four knew that they are in relationship
With me
I told them its very impractical
But they denied to listen
With time things settled down
But process of relationship continued
Seriously I am not kind of guy
Who is suitable for relationship
First I am not having enough money
Then I am too occupied with work
I am very criticizing
I am blunt
I hardly find anyone better than me
So I don’t respect people to get favour
I don’t disrespect too
I don’t give gifts
I hardly get time to go out for date
Still I am continuously
Approached by females
Everything bookish about relationship
Goes against me
Still females get attracted
I am not suitable
For relationship
But there is something
I guess karmas
Which is making all this happen

Ajay Kohli


7 thoughts on “Relationship

  1. empresschitalu_kuishi November 2, 2015 — 8:47 pm

    love your work…. you write so well


    1. Thanks so much for appreciating, god bless


  2. you should try being monogamy


    1. Good to listen from you ,hope you are doing well ,I am single only not even in any kind of relationship ,I just mentioned how I have been approached by females though I don’t have anything to give to them ,I will definitely be in monogamous relationship if I do ever get into provided she is trustworthy and bold enough to fight any other female who tries to approach me as I am really fed up the way females are going after me ,just don’t. Know the reason


      1. i am doing well, thanks for asking. being approached is a good thing. you should consider it as a positive thing! i am not a male, and i do not live in India, and I don’t know much about how the culture works, but I do know that….. if you love someone, the love is strong enough, you wouldn’t even be bothered by anyone else’s approach / affection.

        hope you have a good night’s rest


      2. Most welcome ,in India or anywhere else I guess monogamy is best ,true if we love someone it should be strong enough but till now I don’t think I have ever been in love it was like they all wanted me to help them emotionally ,or in their studies as I helped them explaining their syllabus ,once they got done with that they left ,but I got so drained out as they thought as they have full right over me as I gave them my best ,my intentions were like help them if I am capable ,but seriously in doing this to an extent I lost peace of mind as they treated me as a step to reach their goal , I am very straight and simple I feel doing karma is my job rest its destiny , I don’t think I will settle down in life as I am too ethical ,I can be used but can never use anyone


      3. I have this bad quality of helping each and everyone ,it is misused these days but I guess its my inbuilt attribute ,really speaking I want to lead a life very simple and peaceful no huge money ,just calm and where I don’t interact with many


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