These days there is a trend
Favour females
I am not anti feminist
I know females will hate me for this
But one question
Are females not human
If yes
Then they do have same
Qualities and capabilities
As males
Then why favouritism
Why reservations
Why preferences in jobs
Anyone who is capable
Inconsiderate of gender
Should be given opportunities
The way world is heading
I suspect in future
It would be males
To do baby sitting
Then I guess females
Will ask males to deliver too
A lioness gives birth
Takes care of cubs
Lion doesn’t
Its nature
As females can take better care
They are blessed with that
Its universal for all species
So don’t you think
We need a world without
Favouritism ,unbiased
Where everyone is judged
On basis of talent
Not on gender
If a male is better baby sitter
Assign him that job
If a female can fly better aeroplane
Let her do that
But no favouritism
Pure capabilities
I need to write this
As I feel there is unbalanced environment

Ajay Kohli


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