Ignorance is bliss

I got to know
I have thyroid
I started reading about it
Stopped eating gluten food
Stopped eating soy
Stopped eating peanut
Stopped eating cabbage ,turnips radishes
Then I read thyroid can lead to diabetes
I stopped eating sugar at all
I stopped eating sweets
I came to know it can lead to depression
I left refined carbs
Believe me I haven’t eaten junk food
Ever in life
No colas ,no alcohol ,no smoking
More I am reading
More I am leaving
I guess if it continues
I will be living on air
As water too contains chlorine
Injurious to thyroid
My friend has everything
From diabetes to heart problem
He eats everything
From sweets to pizzas
From colas to junk
He is very happy and I guess
More healthy than me
Reason he doesn’t read any article
Related to health
His ignorance is bliss
My knowledge is curse

Ajay Kohli

6 thoughts on “Ignorance is bliss

  1. Only I can say: you are not alone – I feel most of the time the same.


    1. Yes ,we who are more particular about life ,actually are more stupid to the world


      1. Everybody makes their own choices in life and takes responsibility – either way you are going to be judged.


      2. Be least bothered about judgements , I think that its our DNA actually which governs our choices

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Don’t underestimate the influence of environment. Most people fall under it too quickly 🙂


      4. Its because of weak ethics , which roots genes


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