Today you can find people
Who are trying to be in limelight
Who doesn’t know basics
And shows if they are genius
They are like showpiece
They are very fragile
They don’t want to put efforts
But want to enjoy results
They are surrounded by sycophants
Whom they think are their strength
Actually those sycophants are
Themselves losers
They are escapist
They try to live in mirage
They think person in front of them
Is also a sycophant
Who will not judge
They are mistaken
There were differences
Between a leader and sycophant
They still are
Sycophant doesn’t has self respect
They are like fools
Who are being fooled by themselves
Planets and satellites are lightless
So are sycophant
They will never be able to face sun
Still they feel they are great
False beliefs

Ajay Kohli


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