My age is ?

When I am with a five year old kid
He is most comfortable with me
Playing ,dancing
When I am with 17 year old adolescent
They are happy
They can share everything with me
When I am with an adult
He feels very relaxed
Discussing his or her Knicks and knacks
When I am with my students
They are more than willing
Telling me their problems
And getting solutions for everything
From personal to professional
When I am playing with guys
Half of my age
I run faster than them
I lift more weight than them
When I am with middle age people
They are finding me perfect to share
Their matrimonial problems
And getting solutions
When I am with old people
Age of my parents ,even older than that
They find me very patient
To listen them
They find me very mature
To handle them
What age I am actually

Ajay Kohli


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