The unknown

We are from different countries
We are from different race
We speak different languages
Fortunately we both understand English
I have not met her personally
I don’t know much about her
She appears to be young
Don’t know how old she is
Don’t know single or married
She appears to be short
As her genes are
She loves heels
So it stresses she may be short
I don’t know may be she finds this offensive
She appears to be nice
Still never met so don’t know
She may love spicy food
I eat simple
She unknowingly entered my thoughts
Though I am mature
Still she is knocking my thoughts strongly
I guess she has some purpose in my life
Else such huge world
Billions of people
She came from no where
Not planned
No dating
No requests
Still she is there
Getting deep into my thoughts
Its virtual world
She is real I guess
I asked her name she told
But I can’t disclose it
She appears to be christian
May be Buddhist
As her country preaches Buddhism
She is like a mystery
I know nothing
But feels as she is there from long time
Its not to impress her
Its what I am feeling
Its not under my control
Its involuntarily giving me strange feelings
I hope she understands
You are special
Still unknown female

Ajay Kohli


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