For whom

She wears high heels
It spoils her feet
It spoils her hips
It spoils her lower back
It spoils her posture
It spoils her knees
Still she wears
She thinks she looks appealing
Human was made to walk bare foot
You may wear flats to protect
But heels
Its absolutely unwise
Its absolutely unhealthy
Its ridiculous
Spoil your health to appeal
Whom ?
Will that whom bear repercussions of your mistake
Absolutely not
Be wise
Wear flats
Be kind to yourself
Heels don’t make you appealing
Its misconception
So for whom ?

Ajay Kohli


52 thoughts on “For whom

  1. Interesting perspective. I don’t wear heels to be appealing, I wear them for confidence. Some days, wearing heels is how I am kind to myself.


    1. Yes in a research it came out that heels give false sense of confidence ,more the heel ,more female is wild ,but I feel there are other ways to look confident


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