I sometimes feel from where I got all this strength
To face so many failures
Everyday I try
I fail
Its long time
Almost 30 years
Struggling like this
I put my best efforts
Still I fail
Its planned
Its destiny
I do get upset
With myself
I don’t hold anyone responsible for my failures
I have guts to accept
I entirely take responsibility of my life
I feel I got patient with failure
Or failure taught me patience
For each and every small task
So much efforts
Such sincere efforts
One can’t say I am lazy
I hardly get time to sleep
I skip my meals
Not intentionally
It happens
I am wise as people acknowledge this too
Still life mess
So many failures
God let me know
you have any plan for me
Or you are jealous of me
My efforts
My dedication
Need answer
Feeling low and frustrated

Ajay Kohli

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