I am same
Yet different
Hairs on head
Very stylish
Give tremors
If starts waning
Everyone spends huge on maintaining them
again hairs
Well kept trimmed
Again hairs
Give looks to eyes
Again hairs
Small ,big ,huge, curled ,straight ,up down ,gelled , many more
Matter of pride
Still many removes
Upper lips
Again hairs
Nightmares for females
Again hairs
French cut ,full ,half ,trimmed ,goaty etc
Gives different looks
Under arms
Again hairs
Strictly no for all
On arms and legs
Waxing ,shaving ,
Not to forget
Pubic hairs
Very sensitive place
Mostly neglected
In cases removed
Lots of efforts
To manage or remove hairs
Same hairs
Different places
Different names
Few are matter of pride
Few are reason of shame

Ajay Kohli


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