Friends are not given to us by god
We choose them
They are not forced upon us
We have choice
We can’t deny our blood relations
Friends we can if not good
Friends are more like our taste
We choose them according to our instincts
They need not to be sycophant
They have to be our best critic
Who let us know our shortcomings
They should be like soap
Who help us clean ourselves
Its not that they should be always around us
But when they need us we should be first to be with them
No conditions for friendship
No commitments
Simple understanding
We don’t need a day to celebrate this relationship
Its through years and years
We don’t need to exchange bands
We have unseen bond
“Friend “contains end
Its end to our loneliness
Its end to our bad habits
I wish we shall remain friend till end

Ajay Kohli

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