In a hut ,a poor man ,his young daughter
So poor they were that
One cloth to cover up
If father goes out
Daughter naked inside hut
Hardly gets food
Once father was out
Daughter inside hut ,naked
Hole in the hut
Guy walking by saw naked young girl
He had lust
He waited there
Father returned ,young guy offered him money
In return of spending time with his daughter
Old man agreed ,he was hungry
He walked away
Young man walked in
He laid down the girl on broken bed
Undressed himself
Girl was motionless
Guy wanted to mate her
Was not able to
As the naked ,weak ,bony body of girl was motionless
Girl was not speaking anything
Her eyes were speaking
It made guys so guilty
He couldn’t touch her
He was feeling guilty
Feeling regret
He walked out of hut
Father was standing
In shame
Guy was in shame
Girl was still emotionless
Hunger of food
Hunger of sex
No one spoke a single word
Still there were screams
Screams of shame
Screams of guilt
Humanity speared
Hunger still prevails
Every time girl will not be left
There will be hyenas
Who will scratch her flesh to satisfy their hunger
Girl will be emotionless
Father will be speechless
Humanity will be ashamed

Ajay Kohli

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