Contributions of females to India

The day this universe was created ,right from that moment we have male and female ,as day and night ,life and death , victory and defeat .We can’t deny the very presence of female , female is like half of this universe ,half of everything , no civilization can flourish without female , let it be Roman, Egypt, Chinese, or Indian , we do find the contributions of females in every sphere of life everywhere .In Indian civilization female has always been prime ,see our gods , goddesses , our rivers ,our animals ,no country in this world is called “Mata” we call our country Bharat Mata , we call our rivers Mata ganga, we call cow “Go Mata ” this is all to give respect to females, our lord Shiva is known as “Ardhnarishwar” half of him is female , without shakti ,shiv is dead its “shav” shivling is union of male and female .Wife is called “Ardhangni” so a country where female has been given so much respect , there it is obvious that the contribution of females will undoubtedly outstanding.
We always gave females rights to choose their partners let it be sita syamvar , groom has to prove his worth to get married .
With time the situation of females deteriorated its more after invasion of foreign rulers they were mainly muslims they had this version that female has to be in veil it to certain extent lead to deterioration of females . Females besides all turmoil of times have proved their iron and they have shown not only India but whole world how strong they have been all this time to deny the upheavals of time .
Right from vedic ages we had scholars like Gargi and Matreyei who not only themselves were great scholars but also contributed to female empowerment. We had Raziya Sultan princesses of Delhi who ruled efficiently, Durgavati ,Chand Bibi who defended ahmednagar, who can deny the contribution of Jija Bai mother of Shiva Ji who incorporated such high ethics and bravery in Shiva Ji that is still incomparable. Rani lakshmi Bai brave heart her bravery is beyond descriptions in any kind of words let it be poetry or prose ,even her opponents admitted her bravery ,Begum Hazrat ,Begum of Oudh fought bravery and defeated Britishers.
We had immensely talented poetesses Mira all time great of Bhakti Kaal , her verses still make us intoxicated ,the depth the love in her couplets still are beyond comparison, Jahanara great poetess ,Amrita Pritam great poetess and painter continuing this great heritage we have Sarojini Naidu great poetess ,Nightingale of India she is not only poetess but great literate , she was first governor female of Indian state ,first Indian female president of Indian national congress .
We can’t imagine our freedom struggle without contributions of females let it be Annie Besant founder of theosophical society , founder member of Central Hindu college ,active participant in movement to all India Home rule , Bhikaji Kama great philanthropist who got herself infected with plague while helping people during plague outbreak in Mumbai in 1896 , Kasturba Gandhi , Vijya Lakshmi Pandit first cabinet minister female of India , first ever woman ambassador for three countries ,Moscow, Washington, London .Sucheta kriplani ,member of drafting committee, sang “vande matram ” in constituent assembly ,first female chief minister of Uttar Pradesh ,Aruna Asaf Ali took active part in salt satyagraha ,Durga Bal Deshmukh,member of planning commission, Usha Mehta Phule founder of secret congress radio .
Carrying forward the legacy we have Anandi bai Joshi ,Kadambini Ganguly first female doctors of India ,Jande Ammal studied doctorate in botany and became director general of BSI .Kamala Sohonve first PhD in scientific discipline, Anna Mani physicist, meteorologist, Asma Chatterjee renowned chemist and scholar in organic chemistry , Rajeshwari Chatterjee first female engineer if India , these great female scholars had later d foundation for coning generations which is proving themselves as Tessy Thomas scientist at DRDO designing high end missiles , Nandini Harinath name proudly associated with Mars mission India there are other great female scientists who are working with ISRO and designing highly scientific projects in space research .
Contribution in politics can’t be overlooked from Sarojini Naidu to Indira Gandhi ,iron Lady of India her contributions has immensely affected the destiny of India in positive way , we have budding female politicians, which will no doubt prove their worth in coming years.
How can we forget cinema from Shamshad Begum , Noor Jahan ,Madhu Bala , Meena kumari Wahida Rehman to Smita Patil , Deepti Naval to Tabu ,Nandita Das their acting skills have been acknowledged world over, golden voice Lata Mangeshkar incomparable, many budding singers are showing potential , in literature Arundati Roy is keeping our flag high we have environmentalist, Sunita Narayan to Medha Patekar who are trying hard to bring changes in environment. We can’t forget Kiran Bedi first IPS committed to her job .
Sports we have PT Usha an ideal for any athlete , Malkeshwari ,weight lifter , Saina Nehwal ,Sania Mirza , Mitali Raj ,list is long and so are their achievements ,they have inspired so many  other lives that now females are coming forward and participating and proving themselves at world level ,many more to come .
I have tried to compile almost all fields which affect our life but still I feel I have just touched tip of an iceberg as the contributions of females to India is beyond descriptions, why India only rather to world its beyond words ,I would like to mention Kalpna Chawla ,Sunita Williams both Indians though represented USA space mission ,so Indian females are proving their worth all over this earth as well as in space , whatever I have presented its nothing as contributions of females to India is beyond mine or anyone’s reach all I would like to say and conclude is that we are proud of our females and from bottom of my heart would like to thank them for their contributions and wish them many more achievements and feathers in their cap.Wish them all the best and expect that we will together give them respect and acknowledge their contributions with open hands and bowed head .

Ajay Kohli

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