Beyond borders

I am a nomad
I don’t need passports and visas
I don’t believe in borders
I don’t believe in countries
I am a wanderer I love to see different places
I love to interact with new people
Love to share their culture and traditions
Love to tell them mine
I feel we should meet more
I feel we should interact more
We need to wipe out one others pain and agony
No seas  can stop me
No mountains can hinder me
I may not meet you physically
Governments may restrict me physically
I will still meet you all
I will meet you at conscious level
I will meet you at soul level
I will share your celebrations and sorrows
You are free to share with me
I am you ,you are me
We are soul
Soul is energy
Energy can travel anywhere
I don’t need passports
I don’t need visas
I am nomad

Ajay Kohli


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