Spiritual orgasm

I am surprised people are obsessed with orgasm its not something new or unknown ,men can have it early ,and frequently depending on the way they want ,females find it bit delayed ,its bit over hyped that there is G spot and then female needs to be made ready by fore play etc
Technically sex is between two ears that is in brain not between two legs ,you can’t enjoy sex or feel anything if you are in coma or under anesthetic , then one needs to be prepared mentally ,physically ,you need room isolation , getting naked etc , its bit messy over all process takes time result momentary, satisfaction that too not assured .
When you do meditation ,sex,or on drugs same part of brain get activated ,so drugs is injurious ,sex needs many things as discussed above now come to meditation it gives you high it gives you orgasms and I have felt it many times its something which releases good hormones it makes your body light , it make you extremely relaxed , you feel very nice it unites you to your inner self so I feel go for spiritual orgasms rather than sexual orgasms as final motive is Bliss in sex its momentary in spiritual its eternal

Ajay Kohli


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