There was one kingdom it has rule they make their king for one year the person who enters their territory first ,after one year leave that person in dark forest to die.
Once a person entered their territory he was unaware of their laws ,they declared him king and told him to enjoy his tenure  he was surprised he inquired where are the previous kings ,ministers replied they all were sent to forest after one year , this guy asked the ministers to take him to that forest ,he visited that forest on returning ordered to make a road joining forest to city ,make inn , palace , gardens adjoining forest ,after one year he was ready to leave for forest but public stopped him saying he needs not to go as he is wise king
Similarly this life is journey we are so engrossed in it we hardly think about next destination and spoil our precious birth on lust and luxuries ,if we think about next or final destination we will work upon that and meet the super soul ,salvation .

Ajay Kohli


2 thoughts on “Wisdom

  1. Thank you brother for this wisdom.


    1. Most welcome ,God bless you with wisdom


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