I am a seed
No one knows my breed
Will I be useful or a weed
I myself never imagined how would I look like
A herb ,a shrub ,a vine ,a creeper or a tree
Will I be trimmed or let to grow free
I will be in forest ,or garden or in  a pot
Will I be in frigid zone or somewhere hot
Will I be watered by Gardner or rain
Will I be happy or due to pollution in pain
Will I be eaten by an animal or human
May I be squeezed into a can
Or like weed ,narcotics will be ban
I have numerous thoughts
Before me there are hundreds of pots
I was about to come out of earth
I was about to take birth
Here comes over me someone’s shoe
You never know your destiny its true
Before I become something I am dead
No sympathy ,no tears shed

Ajay Kohli


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