Suffering and wisdom

Have you ever thought or seen most of the people we follow like Jesus , Buddha, Guru Nanak Mohammed ,Ram etc just look at their life ,then we have Socrates ,Aristotle, Sufis , Pythagoras, Dimitri’s all well known scholars but all of them had one thing common they all lived in suffering ,never had luxurious life ,never had enough to eat ,they never visited formal educational institutions still they are talked about ,worshiped for their wisdom ,do wisdom comes with sufferings or rather sufferings make a man wise .

Ajay Kohli

3 thoughts on “Suffering and wisdom

  1. I think sufferings make a man wise.
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    1. Its not sufferings actually as I mentioned in my earlier blog ,its our karmas which we are fortunate to face happily ,wise men accept it foolish complaints

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      1. Maybe!


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