Where is god

A person was very restless ,he runs from poles to pillars to find god ,he visited religious places ,spiritual gurus and all that but his  query was as it is , where to find god ,one day he met a naked man he thought he is mad ,he avoided him but then someone told him he is very enlightened man first he couldn’t believe then he thought its OK let’s ask him ,he asked that naked man “where is god ” naked man looked at him told him to follow ,he followed ,naked man reached a river and jumped into it and asked the other man to do so ,he too jumped ,as he entered into river naked man overpowered him and tried to drown him ,now the man was struggling hard he was breathless tussle continued for few minutes ,somehow the man managed to get out of naked man’s control and ran ,screaming you fool you scoundrel you want to kill me .
People saw this they asked him what happened ,he narrated the whole incident , naked man came after him smiling ,the man abused him saying he is a scoundrel ,naked man asked him when he was drowning what were his thoughts ,he replied only one thought to get out and alive ,yes naked man replied it the only thought nothing else ,so the day you will have such yearning for god only one thought to get god that will be the moment his journey will be completed his mission will be over ,we want to know god but  how? we are so occupied with other thoughts that we hardly actually focus on God .

Ajay Kohli


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