Impractical sex positions

Just imagine ,imagination has no boundaries ,so is sexual fantasies ,its very easy to draw or animate sex positions ,on washing machine, on kitchen top ,on dining table ,one female three males ,one male three females , tell me how many of you have experienced it with your wives , generally a person is so occupied with his daily routine that he gets tired and if he manages to do sex its 2-3 times in a week and that too decreases with age and time , its generally in bed room , only four positions are practically possible
1 : male on top ,most common
2: female on top
3: side ways
4: doggy style
What else will you do basic point is penis in vagina ,else in anal so what else can one do I don’t understand .
Regarding oral I always tell people its unhealthy and unhygienic leads to herpes ,cancer one can check this with doctor .

Ajay Kohli

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