Bodybuilding is more fake now

I feel bodybuilding is different from being healthy ,as the amount of supplements body builders swallow its really scary ,I guess they take around 100-300 gm of supplement everyday ,besides that look at the stuff they eat its not a normal man can eat in a week ,what they eat in a day ,its not healthy its against nature , society .
Monitor bodybuilder generally they are bald ,lots of pigmentation regarding sexual life not sure as not met any great bodybuilder personally so can’t comment on that . Supplements give them lots of side effects which they never disclose ,I feel eat natural , do exercise , eat in limit , and be fit .
A bodybuilder looks as if he is not human so huge ,so bulging ,it may be a sport but I feel its more artificial ,I love working out and I do but I don’t use supplement ,I eat what a normal human eats and I look human not monster .

Ajay Kohli

Categories Health

2 thoughts on “Bodybuilding is more fake now

  1. Bodybuilding is more fake than ever. So is everything in life. 😉


    1. Agree ,but it depends from person to person as in bodybuilding I don’t take supplement ,similarly in life I don’t fake


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