Height of hypocrisy

I hardly go to chemist shop , yesterday my sister had got her stomach upset so she asked me a favour to get her medicine , I was at chemist shop ,two girls were there asking for sanitary pads ,its normal ,then they almost checked 7-8 types of pads and refused all because of varied reasons ,ridiculous was that they were asking male attendant at chemist shop ,which is better as that guy uses it ,stupid ,I felt like telling them look he is a guy and he doesn’t need all this ,but I kept quiet it was very irritating as they were checking pads if buying jewellery , then finally they bought the most expensive one ,world over I guess 60% females never used a pad because of poverty ,now the most stupid thing after such open and prolonged discussion and telling rather declaring that they are into periods that too third day as told by them , they asked the chemist to put pads in black carry bag as its something  private , what a hypocritical approach declare your periods ,but carry it in black bag

Ajay Kohli


2 thoughts on “Height of hypocrisy

  1. really funny though. why did they have to declare the periods?


    1. Even I feel the same ,what actually they or other such females want to tell ,we understand that its natural phenomenon and there is nothing to hide or declare about it


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