Why do we fall in love

Quiet often I come across stories of failed love affairs , being relationship consultant it sometimes bother me to find why actually people get into so called love ,after few weeks ,months or years it starts getting disappeared , then I analysed and found that actually its more of attraction ,infatuation, lust ,peer pressure and rarely love .
People think its necessary to be in love well its not ,first of all learn to value yourself ,isolated people or emotionally unbalanced people tend to get into all this ,they don’t value themselves ,they need support ,well take support of your parents ,unfortunately they don’t find it appropriate, they are easy prey for people who are eyeing such weak creatures to exploit them ,it’s not their fault rather its people themselves responsible ,as they don’t value themselves and later complain regarding debauchery, failed relationship, first of all learn to be confident and of course that doesn’t come from doing make up or wearing short outfits or drinking at pubs or having sex ,it comes from knowledge , introspection, healthy lifestyle ,exercise, helping others , you check persons who are more involved in sex ,alcohol, fashion are having more failed relationship, because they are emotionally unbalanced so start  from inside not from outside if you really want a successful relationship

Ajay Kohli

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