Why democracy is not for India

Indians are world’s largest democracy and our leaders try to make us feel very proud about it , but do Indians deserve democracy ,give it a second thought ,we have right to urinate on road side , we can hurl abuses in public places , we can spit anywhere we feel like , we can throw our garbage on road from third floor , we can pass comment on females , we Eve tease without fear , we park our vehicles on roads and in no parking , we causes riots on the name of religion , we hit police personals and then threat them with our contacts , there are many more things which we do ,claiming  its our right but where are our duties ,least bothered about it
I guess we don’t deserve democracy , these only Indians behave in Singapore , USA why because they have strict rules ,that I guess we will never have in our country as our country is run by politicians not by good administrators ,politicians are more concerned about their bank balance rather than betterment of country .

Ajay Kohli

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