Riots in haryana

Recently in ballabhgarh ,haryana ,riots broke Muslims were badly beaten their homes were ransacked , they took refuge at police station . there are almost 200 families of Muslims in this village living here from almost a century , they wanted to construct a mosque in village for that they collected money and material ,when they started construction few Hindu hot headed people opposed it and started demolishing mosque and then they took to Muslim houses and demolished them also .Scared Muslims took refuge at local police station ,no media coverage ,no administrative action and believe me I will also get abuses from so called communal people , I am not a Muslim ,nor a Hindu ,I am a human ,who wants each and every citizen of this world to be safe and live a life of safety and dignity ,no matter to which religion they belong or which country or colour . I urge PM to look into matter keeping his Hindu mindset aside and punish the rioters and assure safety to affected families

Ajay Kohli


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