Few Valid Questions

1: Everyone knows alcohol is injurious to health ,from doctors to politicians accept this ,still all over world its been made at large scale ,its been advertised, sold why?
2: Everyone knows tobacco kills biggest cause of oral and lung cancer ,still grown , advertised , sold and endorsed by celebrities why?
3: Aerated drinks and soda causes severe problems still two biggest companies I guess are minting money out of it  world over ,people are drinking it foolishly actors to sportsmen endorsing them why?
4: Trans fat is biggest reason of heart attack widely accepted by doctors worldwide , still burger ,pizza ,French fries , and many more such items are hugely advertised and sold all over world why ?
5: Pain killers , BP and cholesterol lowering drugs are causing serious side effects varying from liver and kidney damage to heart failure ,doctors accept this still prescribe it why ?
6: Pesticides , fertilizers , are causing cancer , kidney failure and much more still used largely why?
7: Everyone is screaming save world ,still trees are cut blindly ,forests cleaned , rivers polluted why?
Every govt knows this all , they are supporting all this world over , earning huge revenues from all this , only common man is being fooled and suffering so its time for common man to wake up and don’t raise voice raise hand be active stop all these activities else our next generation will be living in hospitals more and at homes less

Ajay Kohli


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