True leader

These days we have politicians but no true leader , our politicians say something preach something , practise something else ,there is difference in their words and actions , all over world we don’t have single person who can be called a true leader , in the past look at Martin king Luther , Gandhi , Napoleon though some may find the name of Napoleon strange but I find him a leader as he lead from front, he always looked after his fellow , Gandhi never asked for security , though again people will say that he had dark side ,it may be but when riots broke in 1947 he alone without any security went to Calcutta and stayed there which was burning then ,its a quality of a leader not like today’s who are travelling with Z plus security , which is being paid by tax payers common man . Gandhi lived for 2 years in slums ,he cleaned their toilets everyday not like Modi Ji who took broom in his hand for photo shoot , our politicians are enjoying amenities from free phone , free vehicles , free accommodation, free travel , free ration and much more from the hard earned money of tax payers ,has Modi Ji given how much in one year he has spent on his foreign tours , or his outfits and other expenditures or other politicians , I am afraid no , its all being paid from tax payers , why are politicians given best food in parliament canteen at nominal charges though they are given handsome salary they can afford it very well but I guess their conscious is dead ,they feel its their right to enjoy tax payers money and we are big fools who after every five years elect them and send them to enjoy on our money . A leader will live simple life , no security as he has no threat because he is not doing any wrong to anyone ,so better don’t get confused don’t vote for politicians rather wait and find leader a true leader who is not selfish who is not scared who doesn’t exploit and fool tax payer common man

Ajay Kohli

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