Modern age and road rage

If you look at present scenario you will be surprised that as we are calling ourselves modern and sophisticated we are actually becoming more uncivilized and uncultured, earlier we didn’t have such frequent incidents of road rage , aggression, and minor issues getting converted into murder . We are becoming more impatient and uncompassionate we have developed an attitude that if a person is being attacked why should we save him ,he is not a relative of ours  , but just think if a girl is teased and we are standing as spectators then what will happen one day that girl will be replaced by our daughter or sister and no one will help her . We need to develop an approach that wherever wrong is happening raise voice inconsiderate of who is the person ,who is being targeted this way we will build active society and we will have less incidents of road rage and molestation as if you stop a person when he is angry he will be deterred from attempting same thing in future , it will save s life and it will save s person from becoming a criminal in fit of anger

Ajay Kohli


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