Mother’s day

Anna Jarvis who in 1908 initiated mother’s day later rest of her life was trying to convince people not to celebrate mother’s day as this has become more business and superficial rather than feelings . We write on Facebook , send cards and flowers but where are emotions , if its been there not many mothers are living in old age houses or living lonely or abused by their sons and daughters for their selfish motives. We don’t value our relationship when we get substitute for it , when we get friends, wife we start ignoring our parents ,they remain no more important, we think they are interfering in our life , so please don’t send cards or write posts simply value your parents give them respect, give them love ,give them time ,give them peace , don’t leave them for your career as money will not give you that what your parents can give . Life is short you get your parents once make them feel proud not by earning big ,but by standing by them when they need you most in their old age , don’t tell them that we have earned this much as whatever you are its because they brought you up cutting their needs and fulfilling your desires .

Ajay Kohli


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