Difference between old age saint and nowadays so called saints

It really hurts when I see these days saints , they are more businessman than a spiritual guide or something ,they are no where concerned with spirituality. They are more into money , fame , relations with influential people , none of these can keep them grounded and basic thing for s saint is to be grounded . You see earlier saints none of them had ashrams or bank balance or they never held seminars or lectures they were doing their job and if someone came to them they tried to sort out their problem , not like today hold seminars that too with skyrocketing registration fees then who all are visiting them business houses ,politicians , actors ,sportsmen ,if a common man goes he will sweat out in lines sitting on floor ,what will he gain nothing except false satisfaction. Today we need more of kabir , Socrates , Confucius and like them not like today’s saints who wear saffron carry beard but are full of lust , lust of money ,fame ,power . We don’t need to go to anyone or anywhere do your work diligently ,don’t hurt anyone intentionally , don’t interfere anyone’s life ,don’t backbite do little bit of meditation ,laugh ,workout eat right ,sleep well pursue hobby ,see i have given you way of life without organising seminars don’t need your appreciation as it will again make me swell with pride so follow simple and happy life ,god bless

Ajay Kohli


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