Fitness and supplements

Hi ,everyone has dream to be fit , its good as healthy mind lives in healthy body ,nothing wrong in having healthy body ,but then what is the definition of health , according to WHO its mentally , physically socially , psychologically and I add spiritually too . unfortunately these days what we are seeing is cosmetic fitness , everyone is taking supplements to be fit ,it has become an epidemic ,six pack ,zero fat , big biceps ,look at net you will find million of so called sites , fitness experts promoting supplements but none of them are telling its side effects , they are just minting money ,if any supplement is really good why its not been approved by fda reason its not healthy and safe . I am into fitness from past 18 years without supplements  but I am not huge I am normal what a human being should be fit I can do 50 push ups ,15 pull ups , 75 squats ,24 dead lifts 36 biceps curls 20 dips 100 sit ups 24 military press and all other exercises in one session without getting exhausted , that too with an average of 20 pound dumbbell , this means I am fit ,I do two body parts daily along with cardio ,yoga ,stretching , meditation, breathing exercises . I never felt that I should take supplement ,other wrong notion is that we need 3 gm of proteins per kg of our body weight though fact is we need just one gm per kg of body weight , too much protein will affect our kidneys . supplements affect our bones , kidney ,liver, level of testosterone, cause acne , hair fall , weak bones but it’s never told by any one who is promoting supplements , then we have fat burners it severely interfere with our metabolism and disturb our gut ,second brain in human body . I urge all budding fitness freaks not to take supplement go for natural food like cheese , milk ,curd , lentils , flax seeds , hemp seeds , sunflower seeds ,lots of fruits and vegetables ,I urge not to take non veg food ,  as it leads to many kinds of cancer and other diseases , I am against soya products too as its not healthy it causes thyroid related problems . our motive is fitness not big muscles I feel we are fit with nice body which is properly toned neither too big nor too skinny , point is healthy mind ,healthy body healthy conscious and healthy social life for that we need to eat which is grown in the fields not in factories , and last but not least drink plenty of water and stay away from caffeine,  believe me we can have nice physique with natural products , wishing you all healthy body and mind with natural things go get yourself natural food and sweat and gain muscles naturally god bless you all


About ajaykohli

Consultant ,deals in life management, psychology, astrology ,vaastu , fitness ,diet ,relationship counseling

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